SAI was founded initially to assist law firms with personal injury investigations. We also provide businesses with background & pre-employment investigations, surveillance and GPS vehicle tracking. Private individuals are afforded these same services when permitted by current legislation.

Personal Injury

SAI provides a full range of investigative services which include motor vehicle accidents, vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents, third party liability, animal involved incidents, professional malpractice, and construction site accidents. We can provide accident scene and vehicle documentation, witness statements, persons locate services, photographic evidence, and police report reviews.


Personal background checks provide useful information in determining the identity, general character and trustworthiness of an individual. Generally, personal background investigations will ascertain the individual’s true identity, age, marital status, known aliases, personal residence address, address history, business ownership interests, employer, criminal prosecutions, criminal convictions, bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, and court judgments.

Background investigations are undertaken for a number of reasons. The most common are those entering into a personal or business relationship such as pre-marital background checks, concerned relatives, concerned boyfriends/girlfriends, potential business partners and many more. The depth of the personal background investigation is flexible to meet your specific needs and cost constraints.


Employers are increasingly being held liable for employee misconduct. Today the average settlement in negligent hiring is over 1.6 million dollars. This is a result of courts not only being interested in determining guilt but also compensating the victim. Ignorance of the employee’s past will not avoid employer liability if it can be shown that an effort to investigate would have uncovered information that misconduct was foreseeable.

Those employers who hire persons who come in frequent contact with customers, children, elderly persons, patients, have access to private homes, operate company vehicles, are responsible for large inventories, or handle cash, are at greatest risk. The best defense from “deep pocket” litigation or shrinkage is to implement a consistent, reasonable, and professional approach to employee hiring. SAI can customize a program for your specific needs. Please note that all pre-employment investigations require appropriate signed releases. SAI will furnish release forms upon request.


Surveillance is generally considered to be synonymous with the private investigative profession. Discreet covert surveillance using the latest technologies is often the only way to learn the true nature of an individual’s actions, behaviors and location.

Our professional services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Video and Photographic Documentation
  • Stationary & Mobile Surveillance
  • Day & Night Surveillance Operations
  • Activity Checks
  • Vehicle Tracking (see GPS Vehicle Tracking below)
  • Remote Electronic Video Surveillance
  • Insurance Claimant Activity Check
  • Workers Comp Surveillance
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Cheating spouse
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Loss Prevention Employee Theft
  • Business Non Compete Violation Investigation

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is accomplished with a small, pocket sized device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached. The internal computer accurately determines the GPS location of the device within 2.5 meters and records detailed travel activities every second. It records not only position, but also velocity, duration of time that the object remains stationary, direction, and altitude. There are many uses for a GPS tracker, including:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Teen tracking
  • Mapping tracks

The recorded data from the GPS Tracking Key can be displayed with Google Earth, over a street map, or in a text report (see sample image below). The advantage of a GPS data logger is that you get a very detailed report at a low cost. Think of it as a video recorder for vehicle travel activity. Daily and weekly packages are available.